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Is untapped potential costing you?

Are you truly leveraging your team’s capabilities? In the cut-throat world of business, especially as a female leader in a male-dominated industry, the stakes are high.

Change is inevitable. Embracing it creates dynamic organizations ready to weather any storm. Stagnation? It’s the true energy-drainer and the bane of innovative minds. Empower your team, banish the blame game, and instill accountability for a brighter future.

Bring Heart to Your Bottom Line

When the sole focus becomes the numbers, you lose out on the passion and dedication of your team members. Success isn’t just about the brain—it’s about heart and purpose. Engage both, and you’re on a path to exponential growth. Optimal performance is more than just results—it’s about well-being, resilience, and adaptability.

Lead Without The Struggle

  • Teams harness the power of a growth mindset.
  • Improved individual performance meets enhanced well-being.
  • Reduce conflict, streamline operations, and boost profitability.
  • Simple, practical tools forge a winning trajectory for all.

Immerse your team in the scientifically-backed PQ method for Mental Fitness. Dive into increased productivity, harmonious relationships, and improved well-being. Shape the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Your successful business journey of ease and flow starts with one small step. 

Ann Elliott’s coaching sessions are a beacon of insight and practicality. Her adept use of the Positive Intelligence framework, coupled with her active listening and supportive nature, swiftly brings clarity to complex issues. Ann’s involvement in the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) enriches her coaching approach, allowing her to draw from a diverse network of experiences and leadership styles. This, combined with the confidential and trusting environment she fosters, enables her to understand her clients deeply and offer effective coaching interventions. By integrating the collective wisdom of successful leaders, Ann offers unique and impactful coaching solutions. Her ability to create a supportive space where clients feel understood and empowered enhances the effectiveness of her coaching. Choose Ann Elliott for transformative experiences in personal and professional growth.

Graeme Rose
Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach

Ann Elliott helped us redefine our mission and improve our profitability. She accurately and quickly assessed the corporate culture. She helped RMC draw a road map to success. The map I was using prior to The Berkana Company led me in circles! My work is more fun now.

Chris Ray, CEO
Receivables Management Corporation

Ann’s commitment to the growth of your business is unmatched. Her coaching far exceeds any coaching I have received after being in business for 10 years. She is an excellent listener and understood my needs. If she can help my niche grow, I believe she can assist any business. I highly recommend contacting Ann for your consulting needs.

Holly, entrepreneur

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Ann Elliott

Ann Elliott, founder of The Berkana Company, excels at leadership strategy

An expert at helping business leaders enjoy more profits and improved productivity with less stress, she blends fun and excitement with executive coaching and training to yield results for her clients.

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