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As a female executive in a male dominated sector, you know how lonely it can be at the top. Everything looks like the epitome of success, yet you feel drained of deep satisfaction. To keep up this façade requires enormous energy which could be invested elsewhere. Leadership is more than success, it is the fulfillment of a life well lived. Imagine improving your performance without sacrificing your health and mental wellbeing.

Caught in a cycle of vexing issues? Mental roadblocks stifling creativity? Procrastination magnifying formidable challenges? You’re not alone. Understanding your own mental habits and saboteurs brings clarity, propelling you towards your goals with renewed confidence and purpose.

Break Through Your Mental Barriers

Navigate challenges with a positive outlook. Whether you’re managing a growing team or a flourishing business, remember: success starts within. Tools from the Mental Fitness method offer real-time solutions, enhancing your leadership prowess.

  • Clarity: Understand the mental distractions hampering your purpose-driven actions.
  • Focus: Channel energy towards what truly matters, optimizing performance and relationships.
  • Action: Kickstart momentum, understanding that grand results begin with the first step.
  • Confidence: Embrace the belief in overcoming setbacks, finding hidden opportunities in every situation.
  • Accountability: Stay true to your commitments, building trust and understanding your current situation with clear discernment.

As a female executive, it’s paramount to have a coach attuned to the nuances of leadership in a male-centric industry. Offering a blend of mental fitness expertise and extensive business experience, our coaching partnership provides a tailored approach to your unique challenges and ambitions.

Ready to evolve into an even stronger, more resilient leader?

I highly recommend Ann as a Mentor and Overall Professional and Personal Coach. I participated with Ann in the “Positive Intelligence” Program; and it was truly a transformative experience. She would be a trusted trainer for this program and overall Expert Mentor for anyone seeking exemplary coaching and support. Again, I highly recommend her.

Melissa, executive leader

Thanks to you I am more excited about my business than I have been in a long time. You have a way of working with people that never makes them feel like they failed or disappointed you. With your coaching and consulting I have achieved things that I had been putting off for a long time. Until I started working with you, I didn’t have the tools to make these changes. Initially this was like jumping off a cliff for me. Look what we have accomplished! Now I am able to dream of all sorts of possibilities. With gratitude and a new attitude…

Debbie O’Farrell, President
Kamis Construction

We are on the other side of the transition and I must thank you for this. You have changed the face of the business and me personally.

International distribution company

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Ann Elliott

Ann Elliott, founder of The Berkana Company, excels at leadership strategy

An expert at helping business leaders enjoy more profits and improved productivity with less stress, she blends fun and excitement with executive coaching and training to yield results for her clients.

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