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I’ve worked with Ann for well over a year. In one of our most recent sessions, Ann was able to help me successfully work with three blocks that have been an issue on and off for years. First, was negative self talk, which tended to show itself at the worst times, as in trying to fall asleep. Second was making best use of my time. I was finding that many days, I would finish my work in a few hours, and not be terribly productive with the balance of the day. working with Ann, I made some changes that have juiced my ambition, and I find myself doing a better job of planning out more productive days, getting more done and getting more of the right things done. Finally working on isolation (I am an introvert) I have begun to reach out to several people each month for lunch or coffee dates. All in all, I would say some very successful and rewarding coaching sessions.

Gary Hirsch
Exit Planning Specialist

Ann Elliott’s coaching sessions are a beacon of insight and practicality. Her adept use of the Positive Intelligence framework, coupled with her active listening and supportive nature, swiftly brings clarity to complex issues. Ann’s involvement in the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) enriches her coaching approach, allowing her to draw from a diverse network of experiences and leadership styles. This, combined with the confidential and trusting environment she fosters, enables her to understand her clients deeply and offer effective coaching interventions. By integrating the collective wisdom of successful leaders, Ann offers unique and impactful coaching solutions. Her ability to create a supportive space where clients feel understood and empowered enhances the effectiveness of her coaching. Choose Ann Elliott for transformative experiences in personal and professional growth.

Graeme Rose
Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach

Ann Elliott helped us redefine our mission and improve our profitability. She accurately and quickly assessed the corporate culture. She helped RMC draw a road map to success. The map I was using prior to The Berkana Company led me in circles! My work is more fun now.

Chris Ray, CEO
Receivables Management Corporation

We are on the other side of the transition and I must thank you for this. You have changed the face of the business and me personally.

International distribution company

Thanks to you I am more excited about my business than I have been in a long time. You have a way of working with people that never makes them feel like they failed or disappointed you. With your coaching and consulting I have achieved things that I had been putting off for a long time. Until I started working with you, I didn’t have the tools to make these changes. Initially this was like jumping off a cliff for me. Look what we have accomplished! Now I am able to dream of all sorts of possibilities. With gratitude and a new attitude…

Debbie O’Farrell, President
Kamis Construction

Ann is an insightful facilitator and I was fortunate to participate in a group she facilitated this week at the Women Presidents Organization Entrepreneurial Forum. Ann brings out the best in a group resulting in ideas and forward progress.

Mary Jane, executive coach

Ann’s commitment to the growth of your business is unmatched. Her coaching far exceeds any coaching I have received after being in business for 10 years. She is an excellent listener and understood my needs. If she can help my niche grow, I believe she can assist any business. I highly recommend contacting Ann for your consulting needs.

Holly, entrepreneur

Ann has a unique, non-judgmental approach to executive coaching. I loved getting to work with her and be a part of her cohort of business owners. I would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to level up their business and life.

Jade, entrepreneur

I highly recommend Ann as a Mentor and Overall Professional and Personal Coach. I participated with Ann in the “Positive Intelligence” Program; and it was truly a transformative experience. She would be a trusted trainer for this program and overall Expert Mentor for anyone seeking exemplary coaching and support. Again, I highly recommend her.

Melissa, executive leader

Empowerment through
mental fitness

Dive into the transformative power of Positive Intelligence (PQ). These tools are straightforward yet impactful, steering you towards success. With just three core mental muscles, boost resilience, sharpen focus, and drive action.

We have subscribed to the notion that life happens to us and there is little we can do to transform everything into an opportunity. Another false belief is that by a certain age, your brain is developed, and you can do nothing to change it. 

Those mental ruts created by familiar thinking patterns served us at one time. Now these saboteurs cause stress, anxiety, resentment, anger, and more. It is understandable that we have sleepless nights, health issues, and failed relationships. These saboteurs are running the show. 

How do we take back control from these saboteurs? Start by taking the free saboteur assessment to discover your saboteurs and how they impact you and your success. Next, schedule a complimentary consultation with me to learn how to take these insights into action to see results.

Mental Fitness PQ

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