Why Leaders' Words Matter.....A Lot

It is true. Words are free. Underestimating their power is costly.                                Haven’t we all said something we later regretted? In some cases, we are unaware of the impact of our words for good or ill. Words have power; choose them wisely. Business leaders, for example, unwittingly stymie creative thinking with “Have you thought about this […]

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What Experts Are Saying About Employee Reviews

Employee reviews are not only time consuming, they are also dreaded by the giver and the receiver. How can an employee review be truly useful with so much fear and loathing? Saving your feedback for an annual review, reminds me of “Wait until your father comes home.” There is a better way. Such companies as Goldman […]

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Leadership's Underside

Carrying the mantle of leader may look glamorous. It is hard work. Much of what a real leader does is hidden. Another thing about leaders—they exist at all levels in an organization. Not all leaders have prestigious titles. All of them are not at the top of an organization. Here are 6 characteristics of leaders:       […]

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Your Behavior Reveals Your Values

Companies frequently state integrity as one of their values in doing business. Sounds good but what does it really mean? Merriam-Webster defines integrity, a noun, as the following: Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. The state of being unimpaired; soundness. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness. It is […]

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Trust, the Deep Rudder of Leadership

Others disappoint us when they break a promise or fail to honor their word.  Enough broken promises and distrust sets in.  When this happens, your focus shifts to staying afloat and out of troubled waters instead of excellence and serving the customer, employee or community. You and/or your business can dig a deep hole of […]

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