Why Interest in Others Is Key to Attracting the Right Client

When I meet someone so enamored with his own verbiage that I cannot hear myself think, I remember my father-in-law.  His wisdom, “He likes to talk to hear his head roar,” comes to mind. Curious listeners make excellent conversationalists.  They also make good impressions at networking events, conferences and dinner parties. Incessant talkers send me […]

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Gossip Strangles Growth

Almost everyone does it to some degree or another—share information and misinformation that serves no useful purpose.  It zaps productivity and morale. Gossip creates toxic cultures in companies and yet often it is the norm. You know when someone begins with “Well, I heard...” you are about to hear the latest scuttlebutt. It may or […]

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Hijacked by Technology

Technology transforms the way we live and conduct business. Change is fast and change is constant. Computers, internet and web are here to stay. There is a price for the latest technology. Has technology hijacked you? Instead of increasing productivity, technology can decrease your efficiency. Interrupting your focus to check your email inbox, for example […]

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