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What you intend to create together. A passion for excellence becomes your driving force.


Roadmaps for success. Specific goals with measurable outcomes are benchmarks for success.


Talented people who are motivated to contribute toward a shared goal.


Keep more of your hard earned money. Plug hidden leaks that drain your profits.

As any busy entrepreneur or business owner can tell you, knowing what needs doing and getting it done are two entirely different concepts. In fact, many successful companies tolerate low-grade inefficiencies that drain profits until they discover how expensive it is. That’s where we excel—adding value across the board to boost your bottom line.


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The Berkana Company clients range from independent start-ups to third generation companies in diverse industries that are committed to success. Thriving starts with a shared vision and blueprints for success. By embracing consistent, disciplined action, following a strategic business plan and insisting on accountability from all stakeholders, remarkable results can and will occur. The Berkana Company has proven methodology to guide entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate success.

When the right team focuses on a shared vision, knows the score and is accountable for the results, amazing things happen. Customers are happy. Teamwork flourishes. Profitability improves. Work becomes more fun. Behavior reflects corporate values.


I’ve used Ann Elliott’s services on a couple of occasions. Her telephone coaching sessions are respectful and non-intimidating. I felt there were barriers preventing me from the success that seemed just beyond my grasp. Ann helped me identify some of the blockades that I didn’t realize were there. Sometimes the answers to my barriers came just from hearing Ann’s insight to the problem, versus my own. I’ve definitely been able to move forward in my business because of Ann’s assistance. She remains a valuable resource who I would contact again as needed. Jan Shaw

Owner, The Balance Institute

My work with Ann Elliott and The Berkana Company was extraordinarily helpful. Ann provided supportive but tough and concrete advice and tasks that moved me forward much faster than I would have moved on my own. As a small business owner it is far too easy to get caught by your own narrative – Ann provides an essential objective voice. Kate Heald

Entrepreneur, Feldenkrais Practitioner

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