Why Being Bold Is Easier than You Think

By Ann
February 12, 2021

Before you even take the first bold step, a vivid picture of the worst possible outcome can stop you in your tracks. It is a problem when your imagination hijacks your success. Research tells us that 85% of what you worry about never actually happens.

Taking that first step requires courage. What is bold to you may be a piece of cake to someone else. I am reminded of a member of my Toastmasters Club. He moved the meeting date forward on his calendar for a year and a half before he had the courage to attend his first meeting. Now he is comfortable speaking in front of a group and has been invited to emcee an annual business meeting.

What is the cost of playing it safe all the time? You miss opportunities. Shrinking from bold action limits what you can learn by taking a risk. Inertia becomes more and more difficult to overcome. Your horizons shrink as you strive to stay secure.

Reflect on any courageous action you have taken. What happened? That you are here and reading this missive confirms you are all right. Some things turned out much better than you even imagined or planned. Others not so much. However, regardless of the results, there are lessons to learn. These lessons are priceless.

Follow these steps to take BOLD action:

  • Gather all the facts you can about the situation. Keep in mind you do not need to know everything. But you need to know enough. There is a line between being impetuous and being paralyzed with analysis.
  • Ask yourself: Am I playing full out to win or merely playing not to lose? Self-limiting beliefs halt your progress.
  • Take the first step. It not only builds confidence, but it informs you of how to tack in a different direction as needed. It is not necessary to know every step to start. It is probably better not to know. If you knew how much work would be involved you might never start.
  • Focus on the right things. Bold action requires discipline.
  • Commit to a target date for completion. Not only do heaven and earth move in concert to support your efforts but also bring clarity. The unnecessary falls away. There are fewer distractions because you are saying “yes” to the right things.
  • Reflect on what you have experienced on the journey to reach your goal. What did you learn, what relationships did you build, and whom did you help?

You are not doing the world any favors by shrinking. When you step up, you give other people permission to act courageously, too. You may be the example someone needs to take a bold step. “If she can do it, that means it is possible. If it is possible, I can do it.”

Have you considered these as courageous acts?

               Get on the scales to determine your COVID weight

               Embrace the natural color of your hair

               Wear comfortable shoes

               Speak up even if your voice shakes (thanks RBG)

               Give away stuff you do not love no matter how you acquired it

               Include people who do not look like you in the conversation

               Change your mind when something debunks an old opinion

               Admit a mistake(s)

               Know your limitations as well as your strengths

Fear is an important emotion that protects us. It informs about the next action to take. When you view everything through the lens of fear, you have a distorted view of what is possible. Bold action requires belief in yourself to take the first step confident that you can do what is required. Having a bit of curiosity helps, too. Bold action is not for the faint of heart, but it is easier than you think.

What would you do today if you were brave?

© 2021 Ann Elliott

4 comments on “Why Being Bold Is Easier than You Think”

  1. My dad taught me to always ask myself, "What's the worst that can happen?" Drilling down on that question, answering it honestly, usually proved I had nothing to be afraid of.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anna. Publishing The F-Suite is bold action which benefits others. Congratulations on what you have accomplished.

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