The Woman’s Advantage® Forum

Enabling YOU to Create a Multimillion-Dollar Business

What is The Woman’s Advantage® Forum?

The Woman’s Advantage® Forum is a radical new opportunity for women who own small businesses to receive the structured training and support they need to grow their businesses dramatically.

What The Woman’s Advantage® Forum is NOT?

The program is about sharing ideas and learning together rather than gaining new customers from within the group. The purpose of this group is to grow your business with the support of other women business owners, while helping them to grow theirs. It’s a mastermind group, NOT a networking group.

A Proven Process in a Structured Format

In a highly structured format, members convene monthly in a 3-hour educational meeting. The size of the group is limited to 14 members to allow time for discussion, feedback, and learning. The membership is comprised of local women business owners who are in non-competing businesses.

What do members say about The Woman’s Advantage® Forum?

The members of the chapter describe their experience this way:
“The Woman’s Advantage® is helping me move my great idea to a real business.”
“As a direct result of what I learned in the first four months of The Woman’s Advantage® Roundtable, I was able to land the largest contract to date for my business.”
“I learned the difference between being self-employed and being an entrepreneur. I have had a shift in mindset about the importance of getting others involved in my business.”

How does The Woman’s Advantage® Forum work to benefit your business?

Members work on their businesses to achieve:
Focus to make the best use of your resources
Clarity about what is important in your business in the midst of competing priorities
Insights and ideas on current challenges or opportunities you are dealing with in your business
Accountability to execute (or eliminate) the right thing in your business now

What is the cost of joining The Woman’s Advantage® Forum?

The program cost is $1600 per year, which may be paid in full or quarterly. This includes all the meetings and programs defined in the “structured format” above, and all books, workbooks and weekly newsletters.

How do I learn more?

For more information, contact the chapter chair of the Columbia, SC chapter, Ann Elliott at [email protected] or 803-254-0193