The Future Belongs to the Nimble and the Creative

By Ann Elliott

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When you were planning for 2020, did you factor in a pandemic that put the world on its heels? How much did you realize resilience would be key this year?

This COVID-19 experience has so many unintended consequences it has been hard to anticipate them and prepare for the impact. It caught us flat footed. The businesses who survive (and sadly, all of them will not survive) are the ones who are sure they will make it through. They do not know how it will look on the other side. It will not be a return to “normal.” The people and the companies that are nimble and creative have the best outlook for the future.

How do you come to grips with the current situation? Take a lesson from Admiral Stockdale who endured torture in his 7 ½ years imprisonment in the Hanoi Hilton. He understood that this experience would be a defining point in his life. He committed to using it to improve his life.

The Stockdale paradox: a sure and certain faith you will prevail in the end, no matter how difficult the circumstances. And at the same time, face the most brutal facts about your current reality, whatever they may be.

How can you use the experience of COVID-19 to be nimble and creative?

  • Determine what is essential
  • Release the nonessential
  • Do what you can now
  • Reach out for help
  • Reach out to support others

Some examples from my experience:

Invest in self-care because it is the most essential. If I am not healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally, I am not able to be resilient to deal with these uncertainties.

Give time and attention to relationships, professional and personal. I hosted a ZOOM gathering with family members. Even though only 50% accepted the invitation, it was a worthwhile investment and worth repeating.

Spend time with positive people, not naysayers.

Learn new skills such as technology and etiquette for ZOOM.

Invest in up to date technology such as 5G fiber optic internet connection, quality laptop, and reliable backup.

Reach out to colleagues, clients, and friends to find out how they are doing in these challenging times.

Renew memberships or join organizations that support you and put wind beneath your wings.

Align yourself with others who have experience that relates to your situation. Consider a peer learning group such as the Women Presidents’ Organization. or The Woman’s Advantage

When the world is calling us to be resilient, what have you done to be resilient in these uncertain times?

Be sure to give yourself credit for making it this far. Congratulations on what you have accomplished. How can you use your COVID-19 experience to be nimble and creative to prosper in the future?

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