Use a Culture Makover to Yield Better Results

The shared assumptions, values and beliefs in your business, are the culture producing your results. How people in your organization dress, behave and execute their jobs is influenced significantly by this system. It’s everywhere. It permeates everything. It’s an invisible yet powerful force. It’s the corporate personality. The cost of a toxic culture can be […]

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Absolutely Must Do NOT Do-List

  Inc., The Magazine for Growing Companies (October 2011), has an interesting story, “The Don’t-Do Lists.”   Jennifer Alsever and Adam Bluestein asked 16 business leaders and experts to share their own don’t-do lists. Inspired by the story, I created my list of what a business leader absolutely must NOT do.  What do you avoid at […]

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What to Do When Employees Misfire

Misfire: fail to ignite when expected One of the most challenging parts of business is an employee that fails to meet your expectations. An underperforming employee is expensive as well as disappointing. Failure to confront the issue not only prolongs the problem; it often makes it worse. Underperforming employees fall into two categories: acute and […]

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Disorganization Is Draining Your Resources

Disorganization is zapping your creativity and draining your resources. What currency are you using to pay for disorganization? Time, money, productivity, and stress are commonly how you pay for disorganization.  The website for National Association of Professional Organizers says that according to the Wall Street Journal "The average US executive wastes six weeks per year […]

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