How to Build Trust in the Workplace: Why Trust Is the Secret Ingredient

Have you ever been disappointed by someone who has broken a promise? Or failed to honor his word? If this happens often enough, he has the reputation of unreliability. This is true in your business, too. If customers discover they cannot trust your company to deliver on a product or a service, they take their […]

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Trust, the Deep Rudder of Leadership

Others disappoint us when they break a promise or fail to honor their word.  Enough broken promises and distrust sets in.  When this happens, your focus shifts to staying afloat and out of troubled waters instead of excellence and serving the customer, employee or community. You and/or your business can dig a deep hole of […]

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Defining Leadership

Have you stopped lately to consider the characteristics of leaders? We hear "she's a real leader" or "he gives this company the leadership it needs." What is leadership? Everyone reading this has a unique definition of leadership. In my work with business leaders, I concluded leaders have these traits in good measure: --VISION: believing in […]

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