The Future Belongs to the Nimble and the Creative

When you were planning for 2020, did you factor in a pandemic that put the world on its heels? How much did you realize resilience would be key this year? This COVID-19 experience has so many unintended consequences it has been hard to anticipate them and prepare for the impact. It caught us flat footed. […]

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Why the Next Ten Years of Technology Will Not Surpass Old School Technology

Computer technology is pervasive, a blessing and a curse. With the touch of a button you have access to an up to date picture of inventory, sales, and cash on hand. Assuming, of course, you have been disciplined about keeping this information current.   Technology is great when it works. Most importantly, it doesn’t always […]

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Hijacked by Technology

Technology transforms the way we live and conduct business. Change is fast and change is constant. Computers, internet and web are here to stay. There is a price for the latest technology. Has technology hijacked you? Instead of increasing productivity, technology can decrease your efficiency. Interrupting your focus to check your email inbox, for example […]

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