Failure Leads to Success

Failure is misunderstood.  Many make an effort to avoid failure at all costs because it means they are less than perfect. Having a failure affects the way many see themselves as winners. When you equate your personal value to achieving a desired outcome, you set up a thinking pattern that undermines your success.  “I did […]

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From Inspiration to Perspiration for Results

Many people attend events that inspire them and they have a great time.  However, they fail to act on the inspiration.  They simply have been to a great conference and nothing changes. Another reason many of us fail to act on the inspiration, is that we are overwhelmed.  With so much to do, we feel […]

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Outwitting Your Fear of Success

Fear of success is like an undercover, secret agent. It uses clever disguises to accomplish its mission of sabotaging your success. To the unaware, untrained eye, your goals do not stand much of a chance. You wonder why you are not having the results you want. When you unknowingly hold back, you are cheating the […]

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View the Future from the Past

Many dwell on the past to prove that they are victims.  It is easy to cast blame, for instance, on the economy, colleagues, society, and family for your current situation.  There is no shortage of evidence. Looking outside for the rationale or for the solution for your circumstances is common practice.  It reminds me of […]

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Results from Power not Force

Your ability to create the results you want relates directly to power not force. Internal power is standard issue, not optional equipment. Your  inner power propels you day after day, inspires you to create, and sustains you in the rough patches. When you experience  setbacks and disappointment, it is easy to forget that you have […]

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