The Benefits of Contractor Coaching

In an industry with so many moving parts, it is easy to respond to the urgent while the important stands waiting. Knowing what needs doing and getting it done are two different concepts. How equipped are you to weather the uncertainties and take advantage of the opportunities? What is Contractor Coaching? Contractor coaching is the […]

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Why Boring Is Good for Business

When is it good for a business to be boring? To a visionary and a fast starter, running a business with systems can seem boring because it is too predictable. That is no fun. To the fast-paced entrepreneur who likes making quick decisions as the opportunity emerges, making the effort to put operating systems in […]

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How Structure Is Part of the Vast Success Conspiracy

Most entrepreneurs are structure averse. Why cramp your style? It’s so easy to make it up as you go.  Plus, it's a lot more exciting. Granted. Rules, systems and structures can feel restrictive. I’ve even known managers who enforce the rules to wield their power. It is counterproductive when your business is there to support the […]

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