Cracking the Code of Change

Change can be uncomfortable. People resist changing their behavior to meet a challenging situation even when change is beneficial to them. In November 2004 IBM sponsored the "Global Innovation Outlook" conference in New York.  They invited visionary thinkers from all over the world to assemble and propose solutions to some of the world's biggest problems.  […]

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Looking in All the Wrong Places

Experts advise you to identify the problem and find the best solution. You are looking for what is not working so you can correct it.  This works most of the time.  However, you may  be looking in all the wrong places to put your business or your  life on a different path for a better […]

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A Shared Vision

"We want it more than they do." Do we want a free and democratic country for the Iraqis more than they want it for themselves?  Regardless of your opinion on the merits of the Iraqi War, this is a thought provoking question. Have you ever held a vision for someone or something that you want […]

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High Accountability in a Blameless Culture

A top priority for any business is organizational performance.  It’s not enough to develop and communicate strategies throughout the company. Strategies and goals must be executed.  In 2004 Ernst & Young reported that “66% of corporate strategies are not implemented.” Organizations that have a culture of accountability produce better results. When people at all levels […]

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Leading Is a Hard Hat Zone

Steel toe shoes, goggles and hard hats are standard equipment for a construction site -- a place where change visibly occurs. Whether a new structure emerges from ideas on a blue print or an historic cotton mill is transformed into luxury living space, change is occurring.  New construction or redevelopment can be a dangerous place […]

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Defining Leadership

Have you stopped lately to consider the characteristics of leaders? We hear "she's a real leader" or "he gives this company the leadership it needs." What is leadership? Everyone reading this has a unique definition of leadership. In my work with business leaders, I concluded leaders have these traits in good measure: --VISION: believing in […]

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