Don't Give Worry the Keys to Your Mental Real Estate

When the pressure is on, we worry. Everyone makes up stuff to some degree. Why allow these stories to occupy such valuable mental real estate? Some of us are more susceptible to worry than others. Regardless of your propensity to ruminate, it is quite expensive. For one thing, it raises your cortisol level which has […]

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5 Selling Tricks Guaranteed to Repel Sales

In many cases, sales have a bad reputation. You know the snake oil peddler and the used car salesman. The emphasis is not solving a customer’s problem but rather making a sale. Repel sales with these 5 selling tricks: 1. Use deception to get an appointment or make a sale. Even though you succeed, what […]

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Engaged Employees Improve Your Results

Why does a team of smart people produce poor results? It does not make sense when the people you hire cost more than they are worth and it is frustrating. There is a correlation between good business results and engaged employees. Unless employees feel connected to your business purpose as well as to others in […]

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8 Ways to Capitalize on a Crisis

A crisis changes the prevailing order. Nothing is the same after a crisis.  Are you using the prevailing economic conditions to your advantage? Paul M. Romer, Stanford economist and recognized expert on economic growth, said "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." Many businesses are caught up in the prevailing, negative outlook and are […]

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