How to Thrive when Shift Happens

When shift happens and the world is rearranged, how do you emerge from a place of surviving to thriving? The coronavirus pandemic and the economic recession have been felt around the world. If your business has not been affected directly, someone connected to your business or to you have been dealt quite a blow. In […]

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Strategy Confronts a Future with No Guarantees

There is confusion about the difference in a plan and a strategy. Plans are useful. Strategies are scary. When you choose a strategy, you are choosing a direction that requires you to make decisions that eliminate possibilities and options. Think crossing the Rubicon. The future outcomes are unknowable. Planning, on the other hand, is knowable […]

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Building Your Future Now

Normal is not where you left it. Many business leaders hope to return to the pre-recession basics of running a profitable business. They hope to get back to normal. The recession ended officially and the economy is recovering. However, a business reset does not guarantee success. A return to the pre-recession business model may prolong […]

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Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Many business owners work hard from dawn to dusk. This alone does not guarantee success. However, hard work is part of the equation. There is more. In the words of the African spiritual, “Keep your eye on the prize and your hand on the plow.” What is the prize in your business? It feels great […]

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Road Maps for Your Success

The costly modus operandi of many business owners and professionals is reacting to whatever happens. Emergencies do occur in the real world and you are compelled to cope with them. However, have you noticed that people who have no plan for the day let alone a plan for marketing, sales, client care, or product development, […]

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Goals Trump Resolutions

Resolutions have a dismal track record of success. "Eighty percent of  resolutions are lying on the floor by the end of January," said Alan Manevitz a psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan in an article in The State newspaper (January 14, 2008). In January memberships at gyms and fitness clubs increase and by […]

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