Absolutely Must Do NOT Do-List

  Inc., The Magazine for Growing Companies (October 2011), has an interesting story, “The Don’t-Do Lists.”   Jennifer Alsever and Adam Bluestein asked 16 business leaders and experts to share their own don’t-do lists. Inspired by the story, I created my list of what a business leader absolutely must NOT do.  What do you avoid at […]

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Hijacked by Technology

Technology transforms the way we live and conduct business. Change is fast and change is constant. Computers, internet and web are here to stay. There is a price for the latest technology. Has technology hijacked you? Instead of increasing productivity, technology can decrease your efficiency. Interrupting your focus to check your email inbox, for example […]

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Disorganization Is Draining Your Resources

Disorganization is zapping your creativity and draining your resources. What currency are you using to pay for disorganization? Time, money, productivity, and stress are commonly how you pay for disorganization.  The website for National Association of Professional Organizers says that according to the Wall Street Journal "The average US executive wastes six weeks per year […]

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