16 Ways to Succeed that I Wish I Had Known

Mentors and coaches can change the trajectory of someone’s life. I made a list of 16 ways to succeed that wish I had known. I would like to have known these ways to succeed when I was in my twenties or earlier. It is in no special order. What resonates with you? Now is all […]

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ROL--Making the Case for Laughter

In our current economic situation anger, blame, hostility and fear are prevailing and pervasive emotions for many people. There is plenty of angst to go around. With news 24/7 that provides up to the minute reports on the plunging stock market, unemployment, political scandals, and home foreclosures, no wonder we are anxious.  To be sure […]

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My Twenty-One Favorite Things

How often are you side tracked by seeing only the big and lofty visions? Big and lofty visions are important and yet isn’t it the small and dailiness of it all that sustains us? Just for fun I started to make a list of things, experiences, and feelings that I really enjoy.  Here they are.  […]

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