Leadership in Scary Times

Leadership is at a premium in scary times. Worldwide events in early 2020 demonstrate the importance of strong leadership from the local level to the international stage. For example, Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, has led her country of five million through the coronavirus pandemic with empathy and strength.   With so much […]

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Building Your Future Now

Normal is not where you left it. Many business leaders hope to return to the pre-recession basics of running a profitable business. They hope to get back to normal. The recession ended officially and the economy is recovering. However, a business reset does not guarantee success. A return to the pre-recession business model may prolong […]

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Happy Customers Are Your Best Marketeers

Remember the Girl Scout classic, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.” Applied to business, classic winning strategies are 1) to attract new business and 2) to keep happy customers. Offer what your prospect needs and what you can deliver profitably. Ask questions and listen carefully to your […]

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Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

On April 13, 1970, Apollo 13 crew experienced a sharp bang and a vibration followed by warning lights. "Houston, we've had a problem," reported Jack Swigert to NASA ground control. About 200,000 miles from Earth, oxygen tank #2 had exploded and caused tank #1 to fail, leaving astronauts Swigert, Lovell and Haise without the normal […]

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Breaking the Spell of Mediocrity

The old Scottish prayer ”From ghosties and ghoulies and long leggety beasties and things that go bump in the night, good Lord deliver us” is a petition for protection. In our complex world today, mediocrity and status-quo are what go bump in the night. These are the ghosties and ghoulies in today’s world. How recently […]

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