Smart Lazy Tactics for Efficiency

 "Efficiency is intelligent laziness" David Dunham The old adage “pole vaulting over mouse poop” describes an excessive effort or significant resources to do something simple. Do you find you and your team working harder and longer for minimal results? Do you have fewer resources to do the same work? Do you wonder what the […]

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Disorganization Is Draining Your Resources

Disorganization is zapping your creativity and draining your resources. What currency are you using to pay for disorganization? Time, money, productivity, and stress are commonly how you pay for disorganization.  The website for National Association of Professional Organizers says that according to the Wall Street Journal "The average US executive wastes six weeks per year […]

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Measurements for Success

We can find information easily and quickly today with the help of the internet, GPS navigation, and smartphone communication.  In your business, success hinges on having the right information about the right indicators at the right time. KPI (key performance indicators) are to business like points on the Leader Board at the Masters Golf Tournament […]

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Checklists Provide Consistency and Creativity

Making a checklist or written guidelines takes time and effort initially. Some people feel that structure stifles their creativity and spontaneity.  Too much "micro-structure" like micro-managing can be counter productive. Running a business without checklists and guidelines is inefficient.  People spend valuable mental energy thinking about the next step instead of executing pre-thought-out steps.  Good […]

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