16 Ways to Succeed that I Wish I Had Known

Mentors and coaches can change the trajectory of someone’s life. I made a list of 16 ways to succeed that wish I had known. I would like to have known these ways to succeed when I was in my twenties or earlier. It is in no special order. What resonates with you? Now is all […]

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Forget Strategy Unless You Are Committed to Execution

Without execution, a brilliant strategy is only a brilliant strategy. I am an advocate of brilliant strategies. However, most of the work in an organization is executing strategies not creating them. Consider a strategy to take care of your car. It is an important part of your job and you want your car to last […]

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Virtues That Sabotage

Most of us would argue that excellence, fairness and collaboration are desirable in the work place.  Think again. In Tipping Sacred Cows—Kick the Bad Work Habits that Masquerade as Virtues (2013) Jake Breeden exposes the dark side of exalted virtues. He explores seven of the most common sacred cows in the work place. See my […]

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Failure Leads to Success

Failure is misunderstood.  Many make an effort to avoid failure at all costs because it means they are less than perfect. Having a failure affects the way many see themselves as winners. When you equate your personal value to achieving a desired outcome, you set up a thinking pattern that undermines your success.  “I did […]

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Absolutely Must Do NOT Do-List

  Inc., The Magazine for Growing Companies (October 2011), has an interesting story, “The Don’t-Do Lists.”   Jennifer Alsever and Adam Bluestein asked 16 business leaders and experts to share their own don’t-do lists. Inspired by the story, I created my list of what a business leader absolutely must NOT do.  What do you avoid at […]

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