Don't Give Worry the Keys to Your Mental Real Estate

When the pressure is on, we worry. Everyone makes up stuff to some degree. Why allow these stories to occupy such valuable mental real estate? Some of us are more susceptible to worry than others. Regardless of your propensity to ruminate, it is quite expensive. For one thing, it raises your cortisol level which has […]

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From Inspiration to Perspiration for Results

Many people attend events that inspire them and they have a great time.  However, they fail to act on the inspiration.  They simply have been to a great conference and nothing changes. Another reason many of us fail to act on the inspiration, is that we are overwhelmed.  With so much to do, we feel […]

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Creativity Lifts the Lid on Profits

The stone age didn't end because they ran out of stones. Unknown Suppressing creativity puts a lid on your profits. If your business needs a profit makeover, put creativity on your list of “must haves.” Change happens.  New information emerges.  It is impossible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. Creativity is a valuable resource […]

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Disorganization Is Draining Your Resources

Disorganization is zapping your creativity and draining your resources. What currency are you using to pay for disorganization? Time, money, productivity, and stress are commonly how you pay for disorganization.  The website for National Association of Professional Organizers says that according to the Wall Street Journal "The average US executive wastes six weeks per year […]

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Trust, the Deep Rudder of Leadership

Others disappoint us when they break a promise or fail to honor their word.  Enough broken promises and distrust sets in.  When this happens, your focus shifts to staying afloat and out of troubled waters instead of excellence and serving the customer, employee or community. You and/or your business can dig a deep hole of […]

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