Why Boring Is Good for Business

When is it good for a business to be boring? To a visionary and a fast starter, running a business with systems can seem boring because it is too predictable. That is no fun. To the fast-paced entrepreneur who likes making quick decisions as the opportunity emerges, making the effort to put operating systems in […]

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Use a Culture Makover to Yield Better Results

The shared assumptions, values and beliefs in your business, are the culture producing your results. How people in your organization dress, behave and execute their jobs is influenced significantly by this system. It’s everywhere. It permeates everything. It’s an invisible yet powerful force. It’s the corporate personality. The cost of a toxic culture can be […]

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Leadership Hacks to Play the Long Game

Ask someone to define leadership and they might say something such as the ability to get others to follow. Can’t argue with that. How do leaders behave? It’s mostly about what you do, not what you say that demonstrates leadership. Having a leadership title is the easy part. The following are five hacks that leaders […]

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How Structure Is Part of the Vast Success Conspiracy

Most entrepreneurs are structure averse. Why cramp your style? It’s so easy to make it up as you go.  Plus, it's a lot more exciting. Granted. Rules, systems and structures can feel restrictive. I’ve even known managers who enforce the rules to wield their power. It is counterproductive when your business is there to support the […]

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Checklists Provide Consistency and Creativity

Making a checklist or written guidelines takes time and effort initially. Some people feel that structure stifles their creativity and spontaneity.  Too much "micro-structure" like micro-managing can be counter productive. Running a business without checklists and guidelines is inefficient.  People spend valuable mental energy thinking about the next step instead of executing pre-thought-out steps.  Good […]

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High Accountability in a Blameless Culture

A top priority for any business is organizational performance.  It’s not enough to develop and communicate strategies throughout the company. Strategies and goals must be executed.  In 2004 Ernst & Young reported that “66% of corporate strategies are not implemented.” Organizations that have a culture of accountability produce better results. When people at all levels […]

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