Leadership Hacks to Play the Long Game

Ask someone to define leadership and they might say something such as the ability to get others to follow. Can’t argue with that. How do leaders behave? It’s mostly about what you do, not what you say that demonstrates leadership. Having a leadership title is the easy part. The following are five hacks that leaders […]

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Your Behavior Reveals Your Values

Companies frequently state integrity as one of their values in doing business. Sounds good but what does it really mean? Merriam-Webster defines integrity, a noun, as the following: Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. The state of being unimpaired; soundness. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness. It is […]

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Pet Peeves and Puzzlements

Human behavior creates curiosity and puzzles. The same behavior ranks as a pet peeve to some and goes unnoticed by others. I wonder what pet peeves say about the peeved. This is a partial list of what peeves me: 1. Drivers stop at a light and pull into the middle of the intersection to make […]

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Cracking the Code of Change

Change can be uncomfortable. People resist changing their behavior to meet a challenging situation even when change is beneficial to them. In November 2004 IBM sponsored the "Global Innovation Outlook" conference in New York.  They invited visionary thinkers from all over the world to assemble and propose solutions to some of the world's biggest problems.  […]

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