What to Do When Urgency Meets Complacency

Are you thwarted by complacency in your organization? It is a common problem especially in successful companies. Complacency is an expensive habit to practice. Resting on your corporate laurels lulls you into a feeling of security that is counterfeit. There are dangers lurking everywhere. Having experienced successes, people relax to enjoy the results of their […]

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How Dysfunction Is Draining Profits and Productivity

Although many business owners enable dysfunction in their companies, they do not do it on purpose. No leader would intentionally drain the profits from his company. No leader would diminish productivity in her company intentionally.  “Failure in the function of a system” defines dysfunction. Simply put, things aren’t working right. For example, a small but […]

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Leading with the ABCs

  When the ABCs are missing, leaders undermine the success of the team and the organization they are leading. The building blocks of success include these basics: Accountability – expect employees to honor commitments Boundaries—have a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what is not Consequences—determine the outcomes that are expected Recently I met […]

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Goals Trump Resolutions

Resolutions have a dismal track record of success. "Eighty percent of  resolutions are lying on the floor by the end of January," said Alan Manevitz a psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan in an article in The State newspaper (January 14, 2008). In January memberships at gyms and fitness clubs increase and by […]

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Trust, the Deep Rudder of Leadership

Others disappoint us when they break a promise or fail to honor their word.  Enough broken promises and distrust sets in.  When this happens, your focus shifts to staying afloat and out of troubled waters instead of excellence and serving the customer, employee or community. You and/or your business can dig a deep hole of […]

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A Fun Place to Work Is Good for Business

Fortune's 2007 list of "100 Best Companies to Work For" ranks Google #1. Fortune asks "Is the stock value at $478 [as of April 26, 2007] because Google is a great place to work or is it a great place to work because the stock is at $478?" Maybe it's not either/or but both/and. Happy […]

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