Results from Power not Force

By Ann
April 13, 2011

Your ability to create the results you want relates directly to power not force.

Internal power is standard issue, not optional equipment. Your  inner power propels you day after day, inspires you to create, and sustains you in the rough patches.

When you experience  setbacks and disappointment, it is easy to forget that you have everything you need. Your inner resiliency may feel battered and your self-image deflated. This is temporary unless you choose otherwise. Why give your power away to something or someone else?

Use these simple steps:

* Remember you are enough and you have all you need
* Revisit earlier successes in your life
* Make a list of 100 successes and accomplishments
* Create a vision board of what you intend to bring into your life
* Detach yourself from the emotional bondage of the results
* Do what you can do right now with what you have where you are
* Surround yourself with positive, conscious people

Just for fun, here are some items on my list of things I have learned,
successes, and accomplishments:

1. planted a rose garden

2. bought a motorcycle and learned to ride it

3. hiked to the top of Mt. Sinai in Egypt and Jockey Ridge
in North Carolina

4. won $75 in the Georgia lottery

5. played and won a croquet match at Ryegate Croquet Club

6. founded a business coaching company in 1993

7. lost money in a scam and learned, yet again, to trust my instincts

8. learned how to create Power Point presentations the
audience enjoys

9. learned to make bound button holes

10.took the advice never to pursue music as a profession
(I can’t carry a tune in a bucket)

11.refused when my professor suggested that I drop his course
because I was the only female in the class

Working from your inner power base boosts your confidence. Recalling how often you have succeeded, you gain the courage to act. It is more energy efficient to get results from power not force.

© 2011 Ann Elliott All Rights Reserved

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