Pet Peeves and Puzzlements

By Ann Elliott

adult annoyed
Human behavior creates curiosity and puzzles. The same behavior ranks as a pet peeve to some and goes unnoticed by others. I wonder what pet peeves say about the peeved. This is a partial list of what peeves me: 1. Drivers stop at a light and pull into the middle of the intersection to make a turn, usually a left one. They put on their turn signal in the middle of the intersection. adult annoyed 2. Shaking hands with someone who extends only his/her fingertips. 3. High-water britches on men. 4. Anyone who answers the telephone and garbles the company name so that you are not sure you have reached the right number. Usually I can understand the last phrase—“how may I direct your call.” Professional firms with multiple partners seem especially prone to this. 5. The response: “I’ll try to be there.” “I’ll try to get it done.” “I’ll try to remember.” 6. Casseroles made with cream of anything soup. 7. People who ask you a leading question and you know that they already know the answer to the question. 8. People who disrupt a meeting with audible, side conversations. 9. Clutter 10. Polyester, especially in sheets and towels 11. Flat wooden spoons. The ones served with ice cream in small paper cups with a lid 12. Boring Power Point presentations This is a partial list of what puzzles me: 1. If three parallel parking spaces in a row are open, why would a driver chose to park in the middle space? [These are the parking spaces parallel to the curb.] 2. Why would someone toss trash on the highway, street, or parking lot? 3. Where did the idea of a cocktail party originate–The party where you stand around for hours eating, drinking and talking about nothing substantial? 4. How did clapping your hands together become a sign of approval? 5. Why do people refuse to bend down to pick up a penny they find? What denomination coin or bill warrants the effort to bend over to pick it up? 6. What is the logic of turning the thermostat from 68 degrees to 82 degrees to warm up in the winter? The house will not reach a comfortable 72 degrees any faster, will it? If it seems I spend a lot of time wool gathering, I also ponder such things as polio eradication, educating women world wide, having clean water, and preserving natural resources. Sometimes I take a break from the weighty issues. What peeves or puzzles you? © 2010 Ann Elliott All Rights Reserved

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