Maintenance Saves Time and Money

By Ann Elliott

Let’s face it. Repairs and maintenance are not glamorous. They are, in fact, an inconvenience.  Many tool-384740_1280entrepreneurs put it off. They are simply too busy running their businesses to maintain equipment, update software, train employees, and revise procedures, for example.  If you do not have time to maintain the parts of your business you rely on to serve your customer, how do you have time to do it when they break? And, they will break. It can take as long or longer for the required fix than staying up to date. It can be more expensive as well. The interruption to your business when something goes haywire may be the most costly part of deferred maintenance. Have you noticed it usually happens at the worst possible time? Seven reasons entrepreneurs put their businesses at risk by avoiding maintenance: 1)      Production stops or slows down. 2)      Planning is required to schedule maintenance and upgrades. 3)      People must learn new ways of doing things. 4)      Nothing appears wrong with the current way of operating, at least not yet. 5)      Often it takes time to see the return on the maintenance. 6)      The drama of the frenetic activity is quieted so it seems nothing important is underway. 7)      Maintenance is not free. Let’s start here to find a solution. To keep your business operating at optimum efficiency acknowledge maintenance is required. But only if you want your business to be sustainable. Next, plan for it in your financial projections. Identify the parts of your business such as marketing, sales, client care, product development, physical space, technology, equipment and people. All the parts contribute to your success. Nothing stands alone. Finally, in the next 12 months, where do you intend to invest in maintenance, upgrades, or training? Factor this decision into time and financial requirements. If your busy season is spring, do not schedule a website overhaul for your online business from March – June. Avoid equipment maintenance for your fleet of 12 vans at the same time. Your customers want excellent products and service. That’s why you should care about maintenance. Your business can provide a fantastic experience when the parts of your company are working together because they are well maintained. It warms the heart of an entrepreneur to know her clients are happy. It’s a glamorous thing. Plus it saves time and money. ©Ann Elliott 2016 All Rights Reserved

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Ann Elliott

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