Leadership’s Underside

By Ann Elliott

hot air balloon
Carrying the mantle of leader may look glamorous. It is hard work. Much of what a real leader does is hidden.3897130706_313edbd1ee_n (1) Another thing about leaders—they exist at all levels in an organization. Not all leaders have prestigious titles. All of them are not at the top of an organization. Here are 6 characteristics of leaders:       Self-awareness. There is no mistaking your weak points and your strong points. Don’t forget the blind spots that we all have, too. Self-mastery. The ability to practice self-discipline. Honor your word. It is your bond. Leadership is built on trust. You can rely on leaders to be accountable to themselves and others. Understanding change is the key to growth. To keep the status quo stymies not only personal but professional development. Change for the sake of change to chase the next shiny object does not count. Willing to do things differently. Even in the face of long standing traditions that once served a purpose, embrace a new way of behaving, thinking and doing. Courage. It takes bravery to release old beliefs. This is especially true when these beliefs are held strongly by people you love and respect. It may feel disloyal to adopt new beliefs that are counter to previously held ones. Wisdom. It’s true in cards as well as leading, “…know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em.” Some ideas are ahead of their time. Some ideas are past their expiration date. There is no one right way to lead. Behavior, not fancy words, and results, not lofty ideas, are key indicators of leadership. Where are the leaders in your business? © 2015 Ann Elliott All Right Reserved Hot Air Balloon, Fire in the Hole via photopin (license)

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Ann Elliott

Ann Elliott, founder of The Berkana Company, excels at leadership strategy

An expert at helping business leaders enjoy more profits and improved productivity with less stress, she blends fun and excitement with executive coaching and training to yield results for her clients.

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