Leadership Hacks to Play the Long Game

By Ann
May 31, 2017

Ask someone to define leadership and they might say something such as the ability to get others to follow. Can’t argue with that.

How do leaders behave? It’s mostly about what you do, not what you say that demonstrates leadership. Having a leadership title is the easy part.

The following are five hacks that leaders use:

1)      Use your company’s mission and values as a filter to make good choices. Ask “Is this action in alignment with our mission and our core values?” You have clearly articulated your mission and values, right? 

2)      Play the long game. (Or, as my mother would say, “Look past the end of your nose.”) Know the long term and short term impact of action you take. For example, ongoing mentoring for employees has a long term impact. Initially you may not see much of a return on the investment. It’s not either/or for long term or short term action and decisions. It’s both/and. 

3)      Recognize cyber security is a core business issue. Invest in the people, processes and technology to protect your business. This applies to a business with a team of two or a staff of hundreds. Cyber security deserves C-suite attention.

4)      Support people on your team by giving them guidance. It is unrealistic to expect people to improve without affirmation, correction and training. As the leader, it’s up to you to provide this often and consistently. 

5)      Honor your word. Truth telling leaders not only build trust inside their companies but outside as well. Trust is a strong foundation.

This is not an exhaustive list of leadership hacks. It’s not even in any particular order. Well, on second thought I’d put #5 at the top of the list.

What would you add to the list of leadership hacks?

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2 comments on “Leadership Hacks to Play the Long Game”

  1. Well, "visionary" is core but if I had one to add it would be "empathy'. When a leader can see through the eyes of her clients, team, associates and stakeholders, she can bring them all into the fold of her vision, their way.

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