Keep Your Eye on the Prize

By Ann Elliott

silver bowl
Many business owners work hard from dawn to dusk. This alone does not guarantee success. However, hard work is part of the equation. There is more. In the words of the African spiritual, “Keep your eye on the prize and your hand on the plow.” What is the prize in your business? It feels great to have a vision of what you want to create. There is more. A vision needs a plan and execution for success. At the annual conference for Women Presidents’ Organization, the CEO of a software company told me that her company was doing very well now, “We are an eighteen year overnight success.” The art of building a successful business depends upon many factors. The ability to balance the creative tension between daily operations and long-term strategy plays a huge role in success and sustainability. silver bowl Does your business use these principles for success? Fall in love. Passion for the prize keeps you and your team willing to do the work. Despite obstacles that arise, you recognize them as part of doing business. Finding ways to overcome challenges requires courage, creativity, and commitment—great resources for a business. Win-Win-Win. Use the triple bottom line business model: people, profit and planet. Make a profit while doing good for employees and the planet. Map it out. Identify the strategies that are required to achieve your vision. Communicate the vision and the strategies to all levels of the business. If employees understand the big picture and the part they play in it, they help you succeed as they succeed. Peddle hard. Step by step everything counts. The lure of owning a business can sound glamorous. It is not for the faint of heart. Frequently ask, “Why are we doing this?” Make sure what you do everyday leads your business in the direction of your vision. Keep your eye on the prize and your hand on the plow. Your success depends on it. © 2011 Ann Elliott All Rights Reserved

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Ann Elliott

Ann Elliott, founder of The Berkana Company, excels at leadership strategy

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