From Inspiration to Perspiration for Results

By Ann
May 29, 2012
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Many people attend events that inspire them and they have a great time.  However, they fail to act on the inspiration.  They simply have been to a great conference and nothing changes.

Another reason many of us fail to act on the inspiration, is that we are overwhelmed.  With so much to do, we feel confused and hardly know where to start.  Therefore, we don’t start and then feel guilty for not doing anything.

The solution that works for me is to choose a few ideas to implement and don’t worry about the rest of it.  Better to DO something than to feel guilty, overwhelmed and confused and do nothing.

At the Women Presidents’ Organization conference in Atlanta, I met Jim Collins, author of Great by Choice. For me, his keynote speech was the highlight of the annual WPO conference.

Here are a few nuggets from the keynote and a private workshop with Jim Collins:

  • Great is a matter of conscious choice and discipline.  Circumstances do NOT dictate success or failure.
  • The most important skill is the ability to pick the right people for key seats on the bus.
  • Leadership can be learned. What is the X factor of leadership?  Charisma may be a detriment.
  • Discipline.  When everything is out of control, exert control and performance with a clear target.  The 20-mile march, the pursuit of performance mechanisms that keep you on track.
  • Must learn discipline to enhance creativity without destroying it.  Have solid empirical knowledge on which to base creative ideas.  What will work?
  • Luck happens and it is not the cause of greatness.
  • “Not all time in life is equal.”  [Think of those long hours when you are meeting a deadline for an important project.]
  • Know how to get the right people on the bus.  When people walk in the door, be sure they fit with the values of the company.
  • Have a “stop doing list.”
  • What you were doing when you were a small company affects your company when it becomes a big company.

I am taking my own advice to act on a few ideas with the following commitments:

1.  A personal 20-mile march of 5,000 steps a day and a professional 20-mile march of monthly newsletters, articles and blogs.

2.   Make a "stop doing list” that includes feeling responsible when someone fails to honor a promise.

3.  One big bet for 2012 to design, create, market and offer 7 week online coaching program after firing bullets [Read Great by Choice to learn about       firing bullets/cannonballs.]

4.  Review 1Q12 for the Brutal Facts.

Values and purpose guide great companies that come in all sizes. What choices are you making to build a great company?

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