Executive Coaching

Accelerating the motivated achiever to higher performance

Solve Challenges

Discover answers to everyday problems in real time. Apply practical solutions—not theories.

Improve Results

Define new strategies with specific action to achieve results. Sustain them with accountability.

Challenge Assumptions

Examine beliefs that are self-defeating. Change beliefs to change behavior.

Accelerate Performance

Develop a customized plan of action to play at a higher level. Measure, track and adjust to stay focused.
For the coachable leader willing to invest in personal & professional development, one-on-one coaching can be a crucial catalyst to propel you forward. 

Clarifying your priorities enables you to say “yes” to goals and “no” to distractions. Mental chatter and other distractions can undermine even the most accomplished executive—and executive coaching can teach you to be laser-focused on your business goals.

Working with an executive coach is only for business owners committed to success. 

It is crucial to engage in the coaching process wholeheartedly and to be willing to make long-term changes to improve your professional and personal situation.
Berkana executive coaching offers you guidance from a trusted, non-judgmental adviser who is objective and detached from your circumstances. You learn how to approach impossible situations with a new mindset and confidence. As so many other goal-oriented business leaders have learned—you can reach the heights of professional success with consistent, intentional steps in the right direction.

With executive coaching from The Berkana Company, you will gain new insights, adopt more effective behaviors, and change your paradigm for success. As our long list of clients can attest—you will experience desired results.
You have made a big difference in my life. As my coach, you helped me get back on track with my first sales book. In three months, I finished that book which I had played around with for three years. Better yet, the lessons you taught me helped me finish and publish my second book in less than a year and a third one is almost complete.

Thank you for all you have done for me.

Jerry Bellune, Author
Author, The Bellune Company, Inc.
Ann Elliott's coaching sessions are respectful and non-intimidating. I felt there were barriers preventing me from the success that seemed just beyond my grasp. Ann helped me identify some of the blockades that I didn't realize were there. Sometimes the answers to my barriers came just from hearing Ann's insight to the problem, versus my own. I've definitely been able to move forward in my business because of Ann's assistance. She remains a valuable resource who I would contact again as needed.

Jan Shaw, Owner
The Balance Institute
In working with Ann Elliott as my executive coach, I have improved the clarity and specificity in my communication with my staff. We have created or improved written procedures which are key to our firm’s success. We have reframed challenges to see them as opportunities. We understand more fully why cooperation with others in remote locations and different functional areas not only improves our ability to serve our clients it also increases our confidence in our colleagues.

Barbara J. S. Wagner, CPA
Shareholder, Clark Eustace Wagner PA
I was able to learn some new skills/tools to put in that tool belt we call life. Most importantly, I did not have to comprise my standards to change my way of dealing with challenges.

Art B. Turbyfill, Manufacturing Supervisor
Square D Company
In working with Ann Elliott, I have been amazed at what she has helped me accomplish. She took the time to understand my goals and challenges and was able to provide me resources and approaches to achieving these goals and overcoming significant challenges. I have grown significantly as a leader for my team through her guidance and expertise.

Jessica Hines
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

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