Difficult Decisions Waiting to Be Made

By Ann Elliott

Wanting to delay a difficult decision is normal. Scarlett O’Hara, the protagonist in Gone with the Wind, often said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Unresolved, tough decisions drain a lot of mental energy. They occupy valuable real estate in your mind. The time you spend agonizing about what you know needs to be done is time you could spend doing what needs to be done. chess How much is your situation costing you now? Money—lost or not made • Time—invested in useless worry • Relationships—undermined by unspoken differences • Anxiety—increased stress levels and impaired health • Reputation—diminished credibility and trustworthiness Postponing difficult decisions is understandable. You imagine dire consequences for doing something differently. One of my clients had an under performing employee. He did not contribute to the company’s profit, service goals or team morale. The CEO said, “Firing him is not an option because he will take all my customers to a competitor.” Remotely possible but highly unlikely. Imagination at work. Eight simple steps to make difficult decisions confidently: 1. Assess your current situation and its costs to you 2. Be clear about the ideal situation that you want 3. Identify options available to you now to create the ideal situation 4. Keep in mind there are infinite possibilities in any situation 5. Choose the most viable option 6. Carefully examine the option for a cost benefit ratio 7. Enroll others with an objective view to help you–if you need it 8. Get to work on the option with the biggest benefit The hallmark of a wise decision is the peace of mind you feel once you have decided. Even if it is a difficult one such as firing an employee or ending a relationship, your peace of mind indicates you are on the right track. Do you have an unresolved tough decision that is draining your resources? Are you willing to take the next step to resolve it? © 2010 Ann Elliott All Rights Reserved

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