Action Outwits Worry

The time and energy you spend worrying is wasted. Worry is a mental habit that robs you and our business of solutions. With recent developments on Wall Street that have reverberated around the world, you may be thinking that if ever there was a time to worry, it is now.  The Random House College Dictionary […]

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My Twenty-One Favorite Things

How often are you side tracked by seeing only the big and lofty visions? Big and lofty visions are important and yet isn’t it the small and dailiness of it all that sustains us? Just for fun I started to make a list of things, experiences, and feelings that I really enjoy.  Here they are.  […]

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Breaking the Spell of Mediocrity

The old Scottish prayer ”From ghosties and ghoulies and long leggety beasties and things that go bump in the night, good Lord deliver us” is a petition for protection. In our complex world today, mediocrity and status-quo are what go bump in the night. These are the ghosties and ghoulies in today’s world. How recently […]

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