Lessons from The Little Engine That Could

"Yes, but that will never work here because..." is the frequent answer to the thought of making a change or launching an initiative. Mental malaise keeps you and your company stuck. Worse still, you may be unaware of this pervasive way of thinking. The Little Engine That Could focused on how to meet the challenge, […]

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Outshine Your Competition with Lessons from Kindergarten

"Plays well with others" is as valuable in business as it is in kindergarten. Organization who clearly understand interdependence know that production, creativity, and performance are results of joint efforts, not just individual actions.  The synergy of individual efforts makes things happen in companies. In a sincere effort to motivate employees to excel and perform […]

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A Fun Place to Work Is Good for Business

Fortune's 2007 list of "100 Best Companies to Work For" ranks Google #1. Fortune asks "Is the stock value at $478 [as of April 26, 2007] because Google is a great place to work or is it a great place to work because the stock is at $478?" Maybe it's not either/or but both/and. Happy […]

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Maximize Employee Strengths to Maximize Your Results

You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Even the exquisite, highly prized orchid is a weed when it is growing in a corn field.  Weeds are flowers growing in the wrong place. How many companies unknowingly place employees in the wrong role and expect them to excel and win for the company?  […]

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