9 Productivity Hacks: Today's Secret Ingredient for Resilience

Did you anticipate the massive impact of the corona virus on the world? Suddenly nothing was normal. It has been a stressful time for everyone. Were you thinking “How could this be happening? This was not on my bucket list.” People who planned their days by commute to an office, lunch breaks, daycare for children, […]

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Why Being Bold Is Easier than You Think

Before you even take the first bold step, a vivid picture of the worst possible outcome can stop you in your tracks. It is a problem when your imagination hijacks your success. Research tells us that 85% of what you worry about never actually happens. Taking that first step requires courage. What is bold to […]

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The Future Belongs to the Nimble and the Creative

When you were planning for 2020, did you factor in a pandemic that put the world on its heels? How much did you realize resilience would be key this year? This COVID-19 experience has so many unintended consequences it has been hard to anticipate them and prepare for the impact. It caught us flat footed. […]

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Boundaries: Why Limits Are Important

To some, boundaries can sound like a cold harsh word or method to keep people out. Well, they do set limits to protect you. Having healthy boundaries is a not only a good thing to do for yourself but also for others. Many people, especially women feel they must say “yes” to everything or they […]

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How to Thrive when Shift Happens

When shift happens and the world is rearranged, how do you emerge from a place of surviving to thriving? The coronavirus pandemic and the economic recession have been felt around the world. If your business has not been affected directly, someone connected to your business or to you have been dealt quite a blow. In […]

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