Leading Is a Hard Hat Zone

Steel toe shoes, goggles and hard hats are standard equipment for a construction site -- a place where change visibly occurs. Whether a new structure emerges from ideas on a blue print or an historic cotton mill is transformed into luxury living space, change is occurring.  New construction or redevelopment can be a dangerous place […]

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Building Companies and Cathedrals

It takes a long time to build a cathedral. In the middle ages it took hundreds of years and multi generations of masons, plumbers, carpenters, artists and other artisans to complete a cathedral. It took eighty-three years to build our own National Cathedral in Washington, DC…and this in modern times.  The architect and craftsmen who […]

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Defining Leadership

Have you stopped lately to consider the characteristics of leaders? We hear "she's a real leader" or "he gives this company the leadership it needs." What is leadership? Everyone reading this has a unique definition of leadership. In my work with business leaders, I concluded leaders have these traits in good measure: --VISION: believing in […]

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8 Ways to Capitalize on a Crisis

A crisis changes the prevailing order. Nothing is the same after a crisis.  Are you using the prevailing economic conditions to your advantage? Paul M. Romer, Stanford economist and recognized expert on economic growth, said "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." Many businesses are caught up in the prevailing, negative outlook and are […]

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