5 Tips for Smart Marketing

By Ann Elliott

Business owners know marketing is a key element in a successful business.Blackhead Hike to Cape Spear via photopin (license) However, many lose sight of the impact of internal thinking patterns. These affect your marketing efforts in powerful ways. Like the submerged part of an iceberg, they are invisible and important.

5 Tips for Smart Marketing from the Inside Out:

1)      Passion. With a love for the work you are doing, obstacles and challenges cannot derail you. Passion is not the only thing to building a successful business. However, it is foundational. 2)      Confidence. Your unshakeable belief in the value you provide to your clients, equips you to share what you have to offer. You have a responsibility to tell people how you can help them. 3)      Commitment. Marketing takes time, effort and resources. Are you willing to give more than lip service to effective marketing? 4)      Understanding. Everyone is not your ideal client. Being all things to all people dilutes your efforts. In the eyes of the customer, your value is diminished. 5)      Courage. When you see that the customer is not willing to do the work that is his to do, be willing to walk away from the deal. Everyone loses in a no-win relationship. Keep in mind that passion alone is not enough to succeed in business. It is the foundation. You have a responsibility to share with people how you can help them. A bedrock confidence in the value of your product, equips you to do so. With the commitment to market effectively, passion and confidence make a difference. Focus marketing efforts on your clearly defined client. Courageously say “no” to a no-win deal. Use smart marketing to build your business from the inside out. © 2015 Ann Elliott All Rights Reserved Photo attribution: Blackhead Hike to Cape Spear via photopin (license)

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