10 Ways to Outsmart the Saboteurs of Your Vision and Goals

By Ann Elliott

stop sign
stop sign Having an inspiring vision and well-crafted goals are no guarantee your business will achieve them. It is often the norm to put a vision and goals on the shelf so you can get back to work. This frustrates people, especially if they have been part of the process to craft the vision and define the goals. Nothing changes. People you need for your business to succeed lose heart. This is expensive and leaders lose credibility. The root of the problem is people, even smart people, are willing to tolerate the current reality rather than experience change. Asking someone to change, even if it’s beneficial to them and the organization, is losing something. This is scary. When people are afraid, they do what is necessary to return to “normal.” Recently I worked with a division in a large organization. We created a vision and the objectives, goals and strategies to achieve the mission and to move closer to the vision. It is hard to do this important work. The management team and staff did a remarkable job. At the conclusion of our second day together, I asked them to answer the following question, ”In order to move closer to our vision and to achieve the goals we have set, what is it ‘we must do’ and what is it ‘we must not do?’” The following are their responses: WE MUST DO……… 1. Embrace the direction of change with honest display of values 2. Review the goals, objectives and strategies monthly to stay on track 3. Be disciplined and focus on the work and time frames that are set 4. Listen and trust in staff’s knowledge and expertise 5. Make data driven decisions WE MUST NOT DO……….. 1. Filter everything through old habits, previous practices, etc. 2. Overcomplicate the process 3. Do programs and services that do not meet ROI 4. Shut down dialogue 5. Get bogged down in the details and create more work than is needed to successfully accomplish each Regardless of the size of your business or the industry, these ten responses are excellent guidelines. It’s never too late to outsmart the saboteurs. Recalibrate and get back on track so you can move forward. © 2016 Ann Elliott All Rights Reserved Photo credit

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